Do you ever feel scared about spending money because you’re never sure you have enough?

Do you ever feel like making good money in your business is only possible for other people, and not you?

You’re not alone. You’ve come to the right place.

Tell me if you can relate to any of this…

  • You feel guilty about not making as much in your business as you did in your old job.
  • You feel guilty about spending money on yourself because everyone else’s needs come before your own.
  • You feel exhausted with the ups and downs of income each month.
  • You never escape the feeling that you don’t have enough, no matter how much you have in the bank.
  • You’re frustrated with your self imposed income ceiling (and you have no idea how to fix it).
  • You’re afraid of who you’ll become if you’ve got “too much money” or that others will judge you.
  • You worry that making huge sums of money will be too much responsibility for you & you’ll struggle to maintain it.
  • It’s easier (or less scary?) to let someone else take care of your money than learn to do it yourself.
  • You feel like a failure because of how little money you have in the bank.
  • You worry about bills so much that you feel like you’ve been kicked in the gut. It stops you from enjoying your life.

You’ve tried practical things to fix all those problems…

…like learning about marketing
…or working with an expensive business coach
…or budgeting all your money to try to give yourself accountability
…or reading books from leading money experts.

But nothing has worked.

Why is that?

Here’s the uncomfortable truth:

You’re running old, outdated money beliefs that keep you running on a treadmill… going nowhere financially

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions… — Ghandi

Basically, if you don’t believe you deserve to have enough money to have a nice life with your family, then it’s unlikely that you’ll take the action needed to create that nice life.

Then, you’ll be walking around telling yourself that you were right. “See! I really can’t have a nice life.”

But that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The results you get are determined by the actions you take… and you won’t take any action if you don’t believe it will work.

Your beliefs are at the core of everything you have created in your life.

The life-changing secret that few people know is this:
If you change your beliefs, you can change your reality.

If you want a nice life, what are the things running through your mind telling you that you can’t have it?

Why do you think a nice life isn’t a possibility for you?

Those are the mindset blocks that you need to unravel to be able to achieve your goals in business & in life.

It’s the old stories that you keep telling yourself that keep you stuck in the one place

That’s why I created this for you…

Introducing Money Mindset Transformation:

Program Your Mind For Financial Abundance

Over the next 6 weeks, you’ll discover everything I’ve learned over the last 20 years of engineering my client’s core beliefs and how you can use these same tools yourself to bring more money, clients & abundance into your life.

You’ll learn the exact steps that I use with my private clients to identify the core beliefs that are blocking their abundance & replace those beliefs with strong, healthy, new beliefs that will last a lifetime.

There are real, practical steps that we can take, together, to make this happen.

It’s not just about wishing & praying for more money.

It’s about diving deep, uncovering your hidden money beliefs & then taking action to change them.

This is a complete transformation.

This course is designed to help you see blind spots & make shifts you haven’t seen before.

It’s going to totally change your thinking about money & what is possible in your life.

When you join this Money Mindset Transformation journey, you get:

Basically, you get everything you need to totally change what you believe about money — and how much money shows up in your business.

Here’s what’s included…

  • 6 weeks of practical lessons
    You’ll get a series of small, but mighty lessons that jump straight to the meat. Zero fluff. You even get built in implementation time so that you don’t fall behind.
  • 6x 60 min live group coaching calls
    These calls give you the opportunity to have your questions personally answered by me. These calls are priceless. There’s no need to sit alone in your office feeling stuck. Jump on the group call & we’ll help you through it as a group.
  • 4x Bonus 90 min Masterclasses
    These masterclasses cover the 4 most common mindset blocks in greater depth. We’ll dive so deep that you’ll reach unparallelled levels of awareness. Your mindset blocks will be clear and clearable in 90 min or less.
  • Members-only Facebook community
    This is a sacred space where you can come to share things that have triggered you, lightbulb moments that pop up or real, concrete money wins. You’ll see me inside the group daily, checking on your progress & helping you through your triggers.
  • Lifetime access
    Mindset transformation is a lifelong journey. That’s why I’m giving you lifetime access to the course. You’ll continue to have all the tools you need to clear any mindset blocks that pop up in the future.
  • Full support on your transformation journey
    I make myself available to you throughout the course so that you’re never alone. Your success is my success.
  • Rapid results
    Shifts are felt right away in the first week. Aha’s. Lightbulb moments. New clients can quickly appear as a result of these deep & powerful energy shifts. These deep changes would take years (or decades!) to create on your own.

Here’s what is inside the program…

We are vibrational beings not just flesh and blood. You cannot have what you’re not willing to become – Dr. Michael Bernard

Week 1:  Your Money Legacy

  • How to create an intention for the course & deciding what results you want to see from the course — whether it’s about personal growth or a tangible money goal.
  • Discover how your current beliefs have formed based on your family history & influences you inherited and collected to create your own unique family legacy.
  • Uncover your patterns and beliefs you didn’t realize you were subconsciously running to block yourself from confident money decisions so you can start to make empowered financial decisions.
  • Feel more powerful having conversations with family around your business because you no longer feed into their doubt and criticism.
  • Map out confidently and communicate more easily with a reluctant partner so you can them onboard with your business vision and goals.

Week 2: Your Money Story

  • How to release shame about your past financial mistakes & why these should not continue to create your money story. It’s time to let go of the false stories you tell yourself.
  • Belief Illumination Process: Take a seriously honest look at your status quo to illuminate hidden beliefs that you would never normally see. Go beyond you what you intellectually recognize and see what emotionally is keeping you stuck.
  • This process will shine a light on beliefs that have previously been in the dark & uncover what beliefs you truly need to clear. No smoke & mirrors.

Week 3: Core Belief Decluttering

  • Spring clean your old beliefs: clear out all your old shit that is hidden in locked boxes in the basement of your mind so that you can finally step into your authentic self.
  • Liberate yourself from the energy that you absorbed from your family & the money stories that you inherited. You’ll finally feel clear, light & liberated from old patterns.
  • Change your energy and attract business that aligns with who you are
  • Become connected to natural talents that will make you money naturally and aligned with your spirit.

Week 4: Implementation Week

  • Take a breather & catch up on your mindset exercises, or take this opportunity to test out your changes so far.
  • Offset the deep transformation you’re experiencing by committing to self care this week.
  • This break is important for integrating the changes you have experienced from the powerful Core Belief Decluttering and Transformation.

Week 5: The Future You

  • Stop worrying about the past & turn to the future: Take the hidden beliefs you’ve discovered and decluttered & replace those with how you want to feel, look & be. This is the secret to taking action to make it a reality.
  • Nip in the bud  any remaining blocks that may pop up as an obstacle to your future success.
  • Guided meditation: Bring the future you — and the beliefs that you want to have in the future — into the present.
  • Step into your natural beliefs and personality in a way you haven’t before.

Week 6: Integration Week

  • Integrate your new beliefs into your life & get comfortable with the results that arrive. Get cozy with all the rapid change that you see now that you have the freedom to do the things you’d like and that give you joy.
  • Self leadership: Consciously lead yourself & be committed to the change you’ve designed for yourself so that you can create a consistent feeling of abundance (without falling back into old ‘up & down’ financial patterns).
  • Make an action plan & hold yourself accountable: Decide how you’re going to take action to grow your business & your bank account so that your dream future becomes your current reality.
  • Blast away your income ceiling. Make your quarterly goals on a timeline you determine for yourself.

Plus… these awesome BONUSES that you can’t get anywhere else

Bonus 1: 6x 90 min Live Group Coaching Calls

Every week, we’ll jump on a call together as a group to go through the module & have your questions answered.

You’ll get designated time to discuss whatever has come up for you during the week & get personal support from myself & the rest of the group.

These calls help you dig deeper & feel supported. A lot of lightbulbs will go off for you during these calls. These calls are priceless.

Bonus 2: 90min Sales Masterclass

This exclusive masterclass digs into what the money mindset blocks that are stopping you from sharing your products & services. You’ll deep dive into why you struggle with “closing the sale.”

We’ll cover everything from how to talk about your work, how to address sales objections to finding your own sales personality so that sales doesn’t feel aggressive or icky anymore.

This masterclass will help you find your own groove. You’ll walk away feeling infinitely more confident about sales & like you have a simple plan for your sales conversations.

Bonus 3: 90 min Relationship Masterclass For Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling with getting your partner online with your business? Feel like they are not supporting you or understand your business vision?

This is a masterclass on how to improve your relationship with your partner and how to negotiate a new  more powerful relationship that comes from going into the world of self employment.

Bonus 4: 90 min Mindset Masterclass

Not sure what mindset blocks are getting in the way of doing business?

This masterclass is all about recognizing the origin of the five common mindset blocks and how to start shifting to stronger mindset through awareness.

Bonus 5: 90 min Pricing With Confidence: Stop Leaving Money on the Table Masterclass

Are you leaving money on the table?

If you’re feeling like you need support and guidance on how to sell more comfortably, this masterclass digs deep on common blocking that prevent many entrepreneurs from raising their prices or creating packages.

It’s both a practical and mindset class that will help you reframe and give you solid ways to approach this.

Bonus 6: Members-only Facebook support group

Creating a total mindset transformation is always easier when you have your own community working through it with you.

This is a sacred space where you can come to share things that have triggered you, lightbulb moments that pop up or real, concrete money wins. You’ll see me inside the group daily, checking on your progress & helping you through your triggers.

But what you’re really getting is…

  • Understand what’s kept you blocked:
    You’ll know the origin of your beliefs & why you’ve been operating this way until now. Acceptance is the first step to accepting yourself & feeling financially empowered.
  • New insights into yourself:
    You have deep beliefs that are hidden beneath the surface. You’ll be surprised by how much is still there for you to discover. This course will help you recognise your subconscious thoughts & understand them in a new light.
  • Shift old beliefs:
    You won’t just know what beliefs kept you blocked, you’ll finally clear them. You’ll realise that you’re NOT destined for struggled. You’ll shift out of fear & into confidence that you truly can make the money you want & need.
  • Create new beliefs:
    You’ll see money differently and in a healthier way. You won’t give money the power it has had over you in the past. You’ll now have the feeling that it’s your own personal power that will create abundance.
  • Spring into action:
    You already know that there are action steps that you need to take in your business. But you’re not doing it because mindset is getting in the way. This ends now. You’ll finally take action that will grow your income, even if you’ve been stuck for months.
  • Break through your income ceiling:
    You’ll realise that your self-imposed income ceiling is a lie. Stop feeling like there aren’t enough clients who have the money to work with you. Some course participants have gone on to double their income simply because they have the confidence to know they can make the money.
  • Better quality clients:You will program your mind to believe that top quality clients exist & are waiting to find you. It’s time (and totally achievable) to quickly attract perfect clients that are excited to hire you & are aligned with your energy.
  • Serve your clients & customers better:
    You can’t help anybody to the best of your ability if you’re blocked. After this course, you’ll give yourself the freedom to operate in the best interest of your clients without worrying about money. Your client results will soar & so will your income.

Here’s some new beliefs you might have after this course…

  • It’s ok to charge what my work is worth
  • There are more than enough clients that want to pay me
  • I am capable of creating my own wealth
  • I create abundance with my strong mindset
  • I feel powerful within my relationship with money
  • I have enormous confidence in myself
  • I always have more money than I need
  • I consistently make more money than I spend every month
  • I manage my money wisely
  • I value my worth in all financial situations
  • I save more and more money every single month
  • I use money to make a positive impact on my community
  • Money is not only a way to “pay the bills” but to also be used to accomplish greater things in life, not only for me, but for others

What will these new beliefs do for your business?

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some past students had to say about this transformational experience.

Yes, I’ve immediately started feeling better about spending money… at least on memory-making. 🙂 It was a lovely holiday with the kids!
~ Robin

“I deserve to have money and abundance”

“It was good to look at what the origins of my money story, so I could finally rewrite it. I walked away with the feeling that I deserve to have money and abundance. Now I’m making it happen!”

~ Rose McHale, Life Coach.

“I am amazed at how much of a shift I saw in myself within the course with my mindset and relationship with money”

“Megan’s amazing courses seem to come into my life at just the right times. Coincidence? I think not! This course was just what I needed right now. I am amazed at how much of a shift I saw in myself within the course with my mindset and relationship with money. I cannot believe how motivated it made me, how much I learned and continue to learn. Such a life-changing course. Megan’s passion for helping people and for what she does makes everything she teaches so amazing! I can’t wait for the next one.”

~ Elisa Constanza-Reyes, Restful Parenting – Holistic Infant and Child Sleep Consultants

“I really enjoyed the sharing of wisdom and ah ha moments. I also appreciated Megan’s willingness to listen and support as well as her insight that lent itself to my shift.”

~ Shani Guerin, Real Estate sales agent. Re/max Hallmark

Yes I did! Almost immediately when I was doing the course, I noticed a huge relief for myself. I noticed that money seemed to be flowing a bit more. I let go of a bit of my stress and urgency to get that money and was able to relax a bit just trusting it would be there. I also found out a lot more about some blocks that I had.

Yes, I’ve immediately started feeling better about spending money… at least on memory-making. 🙂 It was a lovely holiday with the kids!

In a perfect relationship with money I would feel empowered. Money is not only a way to “pay the bills” but to also be used to accomplish greater things in life, not only for me, but for others. I would respect money and see it as a way to make a positive impact. Money is not to be used to make one person feel more superior than another, but to be used to help lift others.

I would like my relationship with money to be stable. A consistent feeling of abundance. Not the up and down I often feel when I think about money nowadays.

Freedom, Joy and Light! I would like my relationship with money to be one that gives me these 3 favoured elements. Freedom to do the things I would like and that give me Joy. Light both in physical and spiritual as we do not burden each other.

This is one of my passwords. I had I love money before then realized I had to believe money loves me back!! It’s a two way street💜💜💜💝💝💝

Is the Money Mindset Transformation course right for me?

Money Mindset Transformation is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a female entrepreneur who is feeling powerless & wants to shift. You’re yearning for change. You don’t want to feel desperate for money anymore.
  • You crave more abundance & believe in your ability to change your situation… if only you knew what’s holding you back. You just need help figuring it out.
  • You want your business to be easier & profitable… but you struggle to believe that you can make it happen.
  • You know on a practical level what you need to do to grow your business income, but you’re getting in your own way. You’re finding it really hard to take the action.
  • You’ve been trying to change these money beliefs on your own by reading books, listening to talks… but you haven’t made much progress (and it’s making you feel shitty).
  • You’re self aware & open. This is a thoughtful course & you will get the most out of it if you can be open to exploring your beliefs & feelings.

But it’s probably NOT for you if:

  • You’re wanting to focus on the left-brain side of money. This course isn’t about spreadsheets & financial tracking. It’s about the emotional side of money.
  • You’re not willing to dive deeper into the mindset behind building a profitable business.

Ready to get off the feast or famine rollercoaster?

I know it can be scary to invest in money mindset when you feel like you’re not making enough or have to pay the bills at the end of the month.

You probably feel like there’s more pressing areas to invest in than your mindset.

But that creates a weird paradox.

The real truth is that feeling more calm and confident about making more money is the strong foundation you need in order to make the money.

It is possible to make more money without having your mindset in order. But that’s the long, hard road to financial abundance.

Did you know that the most wealthy, successful women, like Oprah and Spanx’s Sara Blakely, worked on their mindset before they made their fortune?

Mindset is not an afterthought for when you have the money, mindset is needed to make money.

The problem is that money mindset often is hard to tackle on your own. You need help to shift some of those deep ingrained beliefs. This course will support you to make those deep changes that you couldn’t make on your own.

You will be able to  take action and do what’s needed to grow your business  so you’re not running around in circles.

This alone will stop you wasting time, treading water & going nowhere. Your strong mindset will get you the results you want so much faster.

You’ve been struggling for years to hit your business’ financial goals, but your mindset has been blocking you at every turn.

What would it be worth to you to finally unravel those mindset blocks, so that you can start taking action that will deliver real results for your business?

What would it be worth to feel more clear headed and confident about how to generate income?

What would it be worth to be willing and able to take action on those income generating ideas?

Is that worth the price of only $297 to you? Black Friday Sale!!

You have the intellect. You already know the business strategies that will get you results.

You get to decide if this course will be the thing that finally gets you taking the action to create the revenue you’ve always dreamed of.

If it is, then I’d love to invite you to join the Money Mindset Transformation course.

You can pay in three installments so that by the time you finish you have easily paid for and are feeling confident to make even more.

14-Day Guarantee

I want you to be happy. I want you to feel like you’ve made a wise investment of your time & money by joining me inside the course.

And I’ve also been doing this work for 18 years, so I know it works.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join the course & try it out for 14 days. You can see for yourself how quickly & dramatically this work changes your money beliefs. If you don’t love the transformation you witness within the first 14 days, then I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.


Do I get any one-on-one time with you?

I will be offering a special VIP option for those who would like 1:1 time with me to explore further.

If you need extra support in the course I am available by email and in the private Facebook group.

How/where will we meet?

We have two options of where to meet. We can meet every day on the Facebook group where course participants can ask questions and share insights

What do I need to have ready before we start?

Find a time and secluded spot with A special notebook, computer or tablet. You need to have an open heart to learning about yourself. You have to be ready within yourself to change and receive the abundance and prosperity you have within.

How quickly will I see results?

You will see results after the first week but changes are also governed by what you believe. If you believe change is easy and quick, then it will be easy and quick. We are all different in how we integrate change. You will take the time needed.

Can’t I just figure this stuff out on my own?

Yes and No. I have always gone outside myself for assistance on some of the biggest blocks because it’s often hard to see where you are getting stuck in your beliefs. This course was designed to help see blind spots and to make shifts you hadn’t seen before.

Is there a guarantee?

Personal development is not like fixing a motor. It’s not black and white. We are   and for each time you take the course it will reach a new deeper understanding and a new feeling

You are your only guarantee, my friend. I’ll come to the table with my _mindset___ expertise & give you everything I know about [core beliefs topic]. But you also need to come to the party & take ACTION. You can guarantee your own results by doing the work & making it happen based on all the advice I share with you.

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